Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Nursery Insurance – How to Get the Very Best Deal

The way in which people source and buy insurance has changed in recent years and the education sector is no different. This article looks at how day nurseries and businesses in the pre school sector can make sure they get the very best deal when they look to buy nursery insurance.

Nursery Insurance is essential for any nursery, pre school or kindergarten as it makes sure their staff, premises, contents and children are covered in the event of a loss occurring or accident happening. And whilst the education sector is heavily regulated with health, safety and risk management of vital importance to most nursery owners and staff, the fact is the unexpected will happen from time to time. And when it does, making sure you have the right nursery business insurance cover will be essential.

So as someone responsible for getting protection for your nursery in the form of insurance for nurseries, what steps do you need to take to sure you get the cover you need at a price that is right?

To begin with it is important to remember that not all insurance brokers or insurance companies are the same. I know it is extremely easy to assume they are as most insurance providers do not seem to do anything that differentiates from their competitors. However, when it comes to buying day nursery insurance, you need to be aware that there are some insurance brokers and insurance companies who actually specialise in providing it.

But what exactly does this mean you to when buying day nursery insurance? Well, what it means is that these people will be able to provide you with expert advice. They will be able to explain things in a language you understand as they understand the pre school sector. And perhaps equally as important, because they specialise in providing nursery insurance, they will in many cases be able to provide you with additional benefits. And these benefits could include you getting more cover for less money.

Let me say that again as this is an important point. By using an insurance broker who specialises in providing day nursery insurance, you could actually get more advice and more cover but for less money.

Bearing in mind the changes the world has seen in recent years, news like this is no doubt going to be highly beneficial to nurseries. So the main advice when looking to get the very best deal on your nursery insurance is to find a broker who actually knows what they are talking about and who can help you get the cover you need for less than you are currently paying.

The truth is, this broker might not be right on your doorstep but because they are experts in providing insurance for nurseries, you are still very likely to get levels of service and cover that exceed your current arrangement. Seek an expert and make sure you get the very best deal on your nursery insurance.

Nursery Insurance – The Questions to Ask When Buying It

If you work in the pre school education sector you will know the importance of health and safety. This article looks at how nursery owners and managers can make sure they get all the protection they need by asking the right questions when buying their nursery insurance policies.

Before we look at the importance of asking questions when buying insurance, let us first look at what many peoples experience of buying insurance is like. It might go something like this. Firstly, you realise you need to get insurance and you either ask someone for a recommendation, look online or flick through a magazine or yellow pages to see who is offering what you need. You need visit their website and fill out a form or give them a call and are faced with question after question. You are then given a price and you decide whether to take it or not with the price being perhaps the number one factor in your decision. Is this process is familiar to you then welcome to the new and improved way to buying nursery insurance.

To begin with, if you really want a new and improved service, you need to find someone who specialises in nursery business insurance. You can do this by looking through a trade magazine, speaking to someone in the pre school sector or by searching online for a phrase such as nursery insurance, day nursery insurance or nursery insurance broker.

This part of getting a nursery insurance quote is pretty similar to what currently happens but this is where what you do should change as when you make contact with the nursery insurance expert or experts you have identified, you need to make sure you ask questions. Here are just some of the questions you might consider asking along with the reasons for asking them.

Question 1. How long have you been providing nursery insurance for? This question can establish the level of experience they might have and can give you the peace of mind of knowing that they must be doing something right. The insurance sector is extremely competitive and businesses who have been around for a long time are generally still around because of the high levels of service and quality products they provide.

Question 2. How many similar clients do you have? Whilst for data protection purposes they might not be able to name names, if they specialise you would certainly expect them to have numerous clients in the pre school sector already as clients.

Question 3. What can you provide me that my current nursery insurance provider cannot? This is a great question as whilst many people might just considering moving for a cheaper premium, you no doubt will want more than that. A nursery business insurance specialist should be able to provide you with service levels and cover that others cannot because of the deals they have negotiated with the insurance companies. And as someone looking for nursery insurance you should be able to take advantage of these deals and end up with more cover for, in many cases, less money.

If you want to make sure your nursery gets the cover, service and premium you are happy with then the next time you are looking around for insurance make sure you ask just some of the questions above. If you do, the chances are you could get expert advice and cover tailored to your needs whilst at the same time as saving money on your nursery insurance premiums.

NCi Nursery is Nursery Insurance Specialists and for details of their Nursery Insurance facilities or to get a nursery insurance quote simply visit the UK Nurseries Insurance Experts at http://www.ncinsurance.co.uk/nurseryinsurance.html

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Charity Travel Insurance Facility Launched

Charity Travel Insurance is a highly specialist purchase and the UK Charity Insurance Brokers, NCi Charity are pleased to announce the launch of their new and exclusive Travel Insurance for volunteers and charities.

With cover available Worldwide including Afghanistan, Kenya, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, DR Congo, India, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Eastern European Countries. NCi Charity can also provide cover for North and South America, Western Europe and Australasia.
And with exclusive cover available including:
  • Employee replacement expenses
  • Personal liability
  • Political evacuation
  • Hijack, kidnap and detention

It has never been easier to make sure your charity and your volunteers and employees are protected whenever and wherever they do your work.

For further information of NCi Charity Travel Insurance call NCi Charity Now on 0800 046 1446 or visit http://www.ncinsurance.co.uk/charitytravelinsurance.html

Monday, November 02, 2009

Charity Trustee Indemnity Insurance - Why You Need It

As a charity trustee you help others but who will help you in the event of a claim being made that you could be liable for? This article looks at why charities trustees need insurance and the consequences of not having it.

To begin it is perhaps worth looking exactly what charity trustee indemnity insurance is. Put simply, it is an insurance policy that covers a charities trustee against personal liability when legal claims are made against them. And it is important to point out that a claim against a trustee could be made by either the charity itself or a third party.

And so if we now understand what trustee indemnity insurance is: who or what is a trustee? When we talk about a charity trustee, we mean someone who is responsible for the management or general control of the charity.

So if you are a trustee of a charity, is it vital that you make sure that you are protected personally should a claim be made against you. This is in the main difference between a trustee indemnity insurance policy and a charity insurance policy that your organisation is likely to have. Charity Insurance protects the charity, charity trustee insurance protects you.

And there are numerous circumstances which could result in a claim being made against an individual trustee rather than the charity directly. Circumstances including breach of trust, alleged unfair dismissal, discrimination, defamation and the misuse of trust funds to name but a few.

The truth is, we now appear to be living in a more litigious society and as a trustee of a charity, you should really take the necessary steps to make sure you are protected against the unexpected. And the good news is that providing the cost of the trustee indemnity insurance you purchase is reasonable, it is likely that the insurance could be paid for out of charity funds. However, because the purchase of charity trustee insurance will be seen as a personal benefit, you will need to have the proper authorisation before the charity can buy it for you.

It is important to remember that if you are responsible for the general control and management of the administration of your charity then you should really consider getting yourself protected through purchasing trustee indemnity insurance. This can easily be done by a search online for a charity insurance specialist as they are very likely to have access to policies and premiums that a normal insurance broker might not have. Simply visit a search engine like Google, Yahoo or MSN and type in charity trustee insurance, trustee indemnity insurance or even charity insurance and let the experts help you get the protection and peace of mind you require.

NCi Charity are Charity Insurance, Charity Liability Insurance and Charity Trustee Indemnity Insurance Experts. For details of how you charity can benefit from hard to beat charity trustee insurance visit the Charity Insurance Broker at http://www.ncinsurance.co.uk/trusteeindemnityinsurancequote.html

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Top Tips When Buying Community Group Insurance

The number of community groups is growing as local residents, businesses and communities get together to help make where they live and work safer and better places. This article gives community groups some top tips when buying community group insurance so they can make sure they are protected at all times.

The truth is community groups and other voluntary organisations are seldom set up to make money. Instead, they are run and managed with the aim of making a specific community a better place to live. This means that money is often tight and therefore essential purchases like insurance need to be kept to an absolute minimum. This does not however mean that community groups should assume the cheapest is best as getting the insurance cover they actually need is the most important thing.

So with the right but affordable community group insurance policy required, what do groups need to do to make sure they get the cover they need at a price that is right?

The first tip is really to make sure you understand what cover you actually need. As someone not working in insurance this is not always the easiest thing to establish so you could do this by actually getting in touch with a community group insurance specialists who should be able to point you in the right direction. If you are not sure what you need, find a specialist and ask them for their expert opinion. If you choose the right company, they should be able to tell you what you need, what you do not need and they should be able to give you an immediate indication of what level of premium you might expect to pay.

So if finding an expert is top tip number 1, how do you actually find a broker or insurance provider who specialises in community group insurance? Traditionally, if a community group or voluntary organisation was looking for an insurance quote, they would either walk up and down the high street or search through the yellow pages. However, all this pretty much guaranteed was you dealt with someone local and not someone necessarily an expert in your type of insurance.

The internet has changed how insurance is sourced and purchased so to find a community group insurance expert, a broker who specialises in charity insurance or any other specific type of insurance provider, simply get access to a computer, visit a search engine like Bing, Yahoo or Google and type in the sort of insurance you are after. You will be presented by a list of companies who offer exactly what you are after.

The final tip when looking to buy community group insurance is to make sure the company you do opt for is someone you are happy to look after your groups cover. The truth is we all prefer to do business with people we like and who we have a rapport with. If you ring a company up and get on well with the person you are speaking with and they give you good advice and are keen to help you then there is every chance you will deal with them providing they obtain a competitive premium and the right cover for you.

For any group looking to make a positive change to their community, getting the right level of community group insurance is vital. Follow these simple tips and you and your group can get the protection and peace of mind you need for less.

NCi Charity is Charity Insurance and Community Group Insurance Specialists and for details of their Community Group Insurance facilities or to get a charity insurance or community group insurance quote simply visit http://www.ncinsurance.co.uk/communitygroupinsurancequote.html

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Essential Tips When Buying Small Charity Insurance

Small charities account for the vast majority of charitable organisations. This article gives small charities some top tips to make sure they get the protection they need for less.

Insurance comparison websites can dress it up all the want but before we look at some top tips when buying small charity insurance let us be totally honest and up front about insurance. Insurance is not fun, insurance is not sexy and for most people and businesses, insurance is something they only really see the importance of when they have suffered a loss and need to make a claim.

The truth however is that insurance and insurance for small charities is essential as it gives them the peace of mind of knowing that they are firstly, lawful and secondly, protection in the event of a loss or accident occurring. Without the correct level of cover in place, a loss could otherwise leave a small charity in a position whereby they simply would not be able to carry on their sterling work.

What is clear is that many small charities have extremely small budgets and expenses such as charity liability insurance have to be kept to an absolute minimum. With this thought in mind, it would be very easy for charity trustees or managers to assume that the cheapest insurance premium is the best. If you are responsible for the purchase of small charity insurance then the first tip when it comes to buying your policy is not to assume that the cheapest premium is best. It can be but make sure your purchase decision is based on much more than price.

What you really need to make sure is that the policy you are purchasing is giving your small charity the protection it actually needs. You can actually make sure this is the case by tracking down a small charity insurance expert and ask them questions. Ask them if they think you need trustee indemnity insurance, ask them what level of public liability insurance they think you need and ask them what steps you could take to reduce your premiums. The second essential tip is therefore to ask questions.

The final tip when buying small charity insurance is to make sure the company you are the right company for you. By asking them questions you will be able to check how knowledgeable they are but more than that, do you like them, do you feel confident in what they are saying, are they well established and do they have a good credit rating?

Insurance for small charities is vital to make sure you, your volunteers, your trustees and your organisation is protected. Follow these essential tips and make sure the road to buying small charity insurance is a smooth one.

NCi Charity are Small Charity Insurance and Community Group Insurance Experts and for details of their Charity Insurance facilities or to get a charity liability insurance quote simply visit the Small Charity Insurance Experts at http://www.northerncounties.com/smallcharityinsurancequote.html

Friday, January 09, 2009

Making the ordinary, extraordinary

Michael Mitten is an entrepreneur and wannabe philanthropist from Newcastle upon Tyne. Inspired by his Dad's life sadly lost to lung cancer in 2007 and the amazing people at Macmillan Cancer Support who were there throughout, Michael decided to do something extraordinary to make sure this fantastic charity continues to make a difference to the lives of cancer patients. Michael has set up True North as a charity to enable him and all True North's team and contributors to fund and support other ordinary people who want do something extraordinary and raise significant sums of money for charity.

Northern Counties Insurance is proud to be associated with such a worthwhile cause and would like to wish Michael every success with the
North Pole Expedition 2009 and beyond.

To make a
donation to True North please visit http://www.justgiving.com/truenorth

For information and updates on Michaels’ extraordinary expedition visit the North Pole Expedition Blog at http://truenorth2009.blogspot.com/

Thursday, November 29, 2007

What Does 2008 Hold For The Motor Industry?

Rising fuel prices, unstable financial markets and taxation changes with the apparent aim of getting us to use our cars less often (or at least pay more to use them) have been just some of the issues that have affected the automotive industry in the past 12 months.
This article looks at what 2008 may hold for the automotive industry and road users in general.

The US economy and the resulting weakness of the dollar looks like it may well contribute to the price of crude oil continuing to rise as investors have been holding the commodity instead of dollars. This means that as the cost of a barrel of crude oil comes close to the $100 figure then so fuel prices have also continued to rise.

So do higher fuel costs mean we are likely to buy or use cars, vans and Lorries less in 2008? Well seemingly not based on a latest poll of motorists. Despite fuel prices increasing at alarming rates a whopping 79 percent of motorists questioned said they had not changed their petrol and fuel buying habits and had no plans to do so. In fact the motorists questioned said petrol prices would have to increase at even more alarming rates to stop them from filling up.

Environmental issues would it seem not be as important as governments throughout the world as over 1 in 3 motorists confirmed they had no plans to replace their vehicles for more environmentally friendly cars before 2010.

And so if motorists are seemingly unaffected by rising fuel costs and are prepared to continue driving despite increased road tax and the impact on the environment surely positive times are ahead for the industry in 2008?

Well before car manufacturers and dealers start doing cartwheels, caution would certainly be advised as whilst General Motors can seen promising performance in emerging markets they have seen big losses in both American and European markets.

And with the world economy in such an uncertain state as 2007 draws to a close 2008 could well see new car sales fall with used car sales increasing. Car sales and indeed sales of all types are also likely to increase via the internet in 2008 so car dealers (new and used) without an internet presence should really be looking at establishing themselves in this emerging marketplace.

And what of the actual motorist, what does 2008 have in store for us? Well how about further increases in vehicle tax, more toll roads, increased congestion charges and still a seeming lack of a viable alternative to road use through reliable, clean and safe public transport.

The good news for some motorists on one front is that whilst the government is seemingly do all they can to penalise the motorist, insurance premiums including car insurance, van insurance and motor trade insurance are pretty stable. In fact with such competition in the insurance industry the cost of insurance like combined motor trade insurance could even fall and savings could be made.

And motor traders who are looking to make savings on their motor trader insurance premiums in 2008 using a specialist insurance broker could well be the route to take to make sure they get the protection they need at a price that is right.

Childcare Providers and the Search for the Best Protection

With child safety and care never too far from the media and the minds of parents and educators this article looks at what nurseries and schools can do to make sure they get the right protection.
And in particular what they can do to get the right cover and premium looking for business insurance for their nursery or school.

In part 1 of this post we looked at 2 secrets that childcare providers could use to make sure they got the right insurance at the right price and in part 2 we look at 2 final tips to making sure they get the protection and peace of mind they need without paying too much for it.

Secret number 3 nurseries, schools and other childcare providers can use to get the best protection is ask questions. So many people ring around looking for Nursery insurance, Pre-School Insurance or Kindergarten Insurance and spend the entire conversation answering questions. The third secret is therefore ask questions to find out if the insurance broker or insurance company you are speaking to provides not only the right cover and premiums but also the right level of customer service and support.

Types of question you might want to ask include, if you suffer a loss and need to claim what will they do to help? Will they just give you a telephone number and leave you to deal with it on your own or will they help you so you claim is dealt with quickly and your claim is settled quickly and favourably? You might also want to find out if the insurance provider is experienced or specialises in nursery insurance or school insurance. You can do this by asking how long they have been trading and if they are an insurance broker, which insurance companies do they use. Finally, if they are insurance brokers you may want to find out if they are independent. That is, do they have access to different types of insurance policies and insurance companies or are they tied into using just one? And if they have access to just one, is this right for your school or nursery?

By getting answers to these types of questions you can then a make a decision on whether you would like to deal with them (and whether you trust them to act on your behalf.)

The final secret to making sure you get the best from your insurance provider is another which Nurseries, Pre-Schools or Kindergartens who are focusing just on price may neglect.

Nurseries, Pre-Schools and Kindergartens who make the decision on where to place their insurance on price alone should bear in mind that the cheapest premium is not always the best.

Whilst getting a low nursery business insurance or school business insurance premium is one of the most important things to look for, a really cheap premium without a combination of other factors is probably cheap for a reason. Things you may want to know about the insurance provider as well as their ability to get a cheap premium include, are they local? Are they friendly and approachable (we all like to do business with people and businesses we trust and like). Which insurance company will your be insured with? Have you heard of them? What is the excess or deductible? Making sure you know the excess and that it is affordable in case you do suffer a loss is vital.

A couple of other things you want to know and look for are do they have a good reputation and do they communicate the benefits of their products and service to you in a way you understand.

If you follow these 2 simple secrets as well as the 2 in part 1 of this article there is every chance your experience when dealing with Insurance for your Nursery, School or Kindergarten will improve. And whilst Insurance is unlikely to become your number 1 hobby there is every chance the cover you get will be what you want, the premiums you pay will be less than your nursery or school has paid previously and the service you receive will be one you would be happy in giving and one you would be happy to recommend.

There is nothing more important than making sure our children are protected at all times so good luck in your search for the best protection for your nursery or school.

Protecting Our Children Doesn't Have To Cost The Earth

What is the most important thing in your life? This could very well be different depending on where you live, your age and your personal circumstances but if you are a parent then the safety and welfare of your children is likely to be at the very top of your list.
This post looks at what nurseries and schools can do to protect our children without it costing the Earth.

When you drop your children off at nursery, kindergarten or school in the morning you are very much reliant on the teachers, staff and establishment making sure they a safe and protected until you pick them up at home time. The good news for parents and children alike is that the vast majority of nurseries and schools do in excellent job in making sure health and safety is paramount to them. And by performing such risk management tasks the chances of accidents occurring are reduced as can their nursery insurance and school insurance premiums.

Part 1 of this post looks at 2 other secrets that nurseries and schools can use to reduce their premiums with a further 2 secrets covered in part 2.

With literally thousands of insurance companies, insurance brokers and providers, nurseries, schools and other childcare providers are faced with a massive choice. So faced with decisions at every turn finding the right insurance cover is sometimes difficult.

This post will therefore give you some free advice that insurance providers rarely share with their customers. These few steps could help you find the cover that is best for you at the right premium and with the best service.

The first secret to making sure you get the nursery insurance and school insurance cover at the right premium is perhaps the one that most people will find hardest to believe but it really works.

When ringing around for nursery insurance quotes the chances are you will be asked what is your current premium or what is the best price you have had elsewhere.

The mistake most people make when asked this question is to not tell the person asking the question. However if you are asked the best price you have had, tell them.

Most people assume that by telling an insurance broker or insurance company your premium you are at a disadvantage. The truth is the opposite is true. Let me explain.

If you tell a good insurance provider the premium you have elsewhere they should have a good idea straight away whether the premium is too expensive, too cheap or about right. And knowing this information they can give you an immediate indication if they can get a lower premium for you. If the insurance broker or insurance company know they will not be able to help you they can tell you and save you time.

Another reason you should give them your premium is because most insurance companies will not give you the best price unless they have a premium to beat. Let me say that again, if you do not give your insurance broker or insurance company a price to beat, there is every chance you will not get the best premium. However, if you do tell them, they can often use this information when dealing with the insurance company which can ultimately save you money.

One final tip on this matter is, do not be tempted to make up a premium. For example, Mrs Buzz is looking for a Nursery Insurance quote and she has a best price of £2000.00. She wants to save some money so when asked the question of what is the best price you have had so far she decides to go in low at £1000.00. By Mrs Buzz doing this most companies will know the price seems low and because of this many will not provide a quote because they know they will not be competitive. However, had Mrs Buzz been honest and said £2000.00 there is every chance she could have saved some money on her nursery insurance.

Therefore Secret Number 1 when looking for nursery business insurance, school insurance or indeed any type of business insurance is be totally honest. Give it a go...it really works.

Secret number 2 is common sense but so many Nurseries and school fail to make sure it happens because they are focusing on the premium. Tip number 2 to ensure you get the right cover is therefore to use an insurance broker or company who has an understanding of your requirements.

You can often establish this by listening to what, how and how many questions they ask you. And how they react to what you are saying. If they enter into a conversation about your nursery or school it is very likely to be because the more information they have about your premises and needs, the better cover, premium and service they can provide you.

If the conversation is very scripted and they fail to understand what you are looking for or do not ask the type of questions you would expect there is every chance it is because they do not really understand what your school or nursery needs. If this is the case you risk not getting the right cover and ultimately not being correctly insured.

These first 2 secrets alone could save you time and save you money on your nursery insurance and school insurance premiums. And yet in part 2 of this article we will also give you 2 further ways in which you make sure have cover in place that can protect your children for less.

Northern Counties Insurance Brokers are The UK Leading Nursery Insurance Experts and Nursery Insurance is available from them by visiting